I just received the ColdHeat soldering tool as a gift from my wife. I have been doing electronics since I was twelve years old both professionally and as a hobby. This is the most amazing soldering tool I have ever used. I think your product should be in every facet of the electronics manufacturing industry. I have tried the butane cordless soldering irons as well as some lame battery operated ones. Nothing comes close to yours. Thank you,


from Calgary, Alberta

I don’t know how I managed to do my small circuit wiring before I got this tool. I still have my regular soldering iron and soldering gun for larger jobs. But, this little guy is great for those ‘micro-circuit’ type jobs with little wires and small boards. Plus, no cord to mess with makes it so versatile!

Mikel R.

This is a pretty cool little tool! I was super excited to try this out because I have never heard of anything like it. It’s nice that I don’t have to worry that I will burn myself soldering, because it is absolutely cool to the touch like it says it is. This is great for small fixes, but I wouldn’t recommend it for people that solder different things all the time. Great for soldering on small electronics.


Very easy to use. Great tool for fixing jewelry. Great to give as gifts.


Great for work when you have no electricity. Great for my R/C items also.


I bought this to fix some jewelry and it worked perfect. I like the feature of not being extremely hot after I was done.

Sara n Kevin

I just received a ColdHeat soldering tool as a gift from my son. I have been involved in electronics and electrical work for most of my 57 years. This is the handiest device I have run across. I can use it for electrical and electronic work on my sailboat, my RV, and just about anywhere I don’t have AC access. No cords, no flames, no fuss. Just super hot in a split second, and then put away done and safe the next. Glad someone is thinking “out there.”


from Michigan

This thing is amazing. It works quickly, very quickly. When I first got it, the tip broke off and I didn’t realize how much replacements are. The product itself is pretty relatively inexpensive. I don’t know why tips are half the price. I doubt that the tip accounts for half the cost to manufacture and distribute it. That’s probably my biggest complaint. I do wish that this was capable of being charged via usb. This pen is so much cleaner, quicker, safer, and easier to use than my plug in unit and Dremel solder torch. I use rechargeable batteries with it. I’m happy I went ahead and ordered one because I was on the fence when reading prior reviews. I don’t understand how anyone who works on gadgets could not love this. It took a little getting used to (less than a minute), but once I got used to it, I was shocked by how quickly it worked. By far my favorite thing about it is it doesn’t affect shrink tubing as much or at all.

Tiffany R

This works just like it’s supposed to. It’s not your dad’s soldering iron.

Clifford L.

Great instant heat for small wires, best on solid wires like cat 5e cable, it takes some getting used to as it almost arcs across the tip to heat up. once you have your wires positioned right a quick little tap and the wire is soldered in 3 seconds.


Good for what I needed done.

Pea M.

No need to wait 5 minutes for it to cool down so you won’t get burned or start a fire. It’s a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll love it. I don’t do a lot of soldering but it’s nice to have this around when you need to do it.

I lost one in Sandy when my basement flooded, and I’ve had a hard time tracking one down until now because I didn’t remember where I bought It. Definitely buying it again.

Herb L.

I had one from a long long time ago, and the tip broke off after a few uses. A friend gave me a new and improved unit as a gift and thus far it’s been working great!

Alex H

Works as advertised — not a bad deal, at all.

Steven H.

I would purchase from this merchant again.very happy with this product, would recommend it to friends.


It’s a great tool.



This is a resistance soldering tool; not a conventional heat soldering tool. It work well at what it is designed to do. It is worthwhile to take the time to learn the technique required. I used it to attach very fine pieces of brass wire; it worked very well.
I would recommend this product.


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